Best Ager Marketing

Lifestyle has

become ageless.

Dynamic living, curiosity, a lust for life and a strong attitude need not diminish with age. After all, age is just a number in the passport. What really matters is your inner attitude towards life.


Some people find themselves able to fulfil the dreams of their youth in old age: they may travel the world on a Harley or treat themselves to a tandem jump on their 102nd birthday. Others devote themselves to the family and grandchildren with their newfound freedom and time. From escapism to cocooning within the generations – there are many forms of self-realization with an infinite number of shades in-between: heterogeneity at its finest.


Agers’ media use is as diverse as their life stories. While some still hang onto yellow press magazines and old-school TV, others experiment with Facebook or Instagram. In researching the user behaviour of the best agers, experienced professionals support TNT with intensive media behaviour analysis. And even they sometimes enter new territory: astonishingly, although our demographic suggests that we should be among the world’s pioneers, the best ager discipline is still young in Germany.


One thing is certain, however, and this unites the aging target group: certain biological abilities decrease with age. This fact cannot be glossed over. In particular, with age we lose our visual, auditory and tactile abilities. We also lose some physical strength and fine motor skills. But these changes are, of course, implications for the implementation of creative marketing campaigns. And social media marketing should not be neglected either.

What changes with the years? How does the target group tick? What are the target group’s wishes and needs? Where are the relevant bottlenecks?


Interestingly enough, there are no precise and consistent answers to these questions. The interests of the target group diverge and we can’t develop clichéd communication concepts for the “older” target group without making fatal mistakes.


The target group of the best ager needs to be researched, considered, conceived and felt deeper than ever. Well thought-out marketing strategies are needed. The topic is sensitive. And incredibly cool!


Are you open for this adventure?