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Bernd Dopp /
Chairman & CEO Warner Music Central & Eastern Europe /
Warner Music Group Germany Holding GmbH, Hamburg
``Chapeau! Great out of the box thinking! An unusual communication concept to conquer new target groups. I am personally surprised - and enthusiastic!``
Dirk Hauke /
CEO Klingel Group /
K-Mail Order GmbH & Co. KG, Pforzheim
“Ms. Thesenvitz stands for an exciting mix of strategic brand know-how and creative dynamics. She has worked very successfully for various brands within our group as interim head of digital marketing and independent brand consultant. She transformed her deep understanding of the identity of our best ager audiences and fashion segments into emotional brand building concepts and efficient, inspiring brand campaigns in the fields of social media, onsite marketing and new customer acquisition.“
Johannes Plass /
Founder & CEO /
Mutabor Design GmbH, Hamburg
„As a brand coach and consultant, Ms Thesenvitz has been a valuable sparring partner in the internal implementation of the 360° brand strategy of our international client CLARIANT. As part of the worldwide relaunch, she provided flanking transparency, structures and the cascading of brand know-how. The strong emotional anchoring of the brand in the heart of the employees is important to her - in all rational processes. Brands want to be lived passionately.“
Vera Jolic /
Account Manager /
MORE Marketing GmbH & Co KG /
Radio Hamburg, Hamburg
“She’s a Top Marketing Expert who understands how to create a marketing message that speaks louder than 10,000 sales pitches. Birgit helped her customers to understand their brand proposition in a way that enhanced their marketing image. The best part of interacting with Birgit is her attention to detail and her ability to deliver the WOW factor! She is awesome, knowledgeable and fun to work with. Birgit is very passionate about what she does and her level of professionalism is commendable. “Thesita” you ROCK!”

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