Every brand has
its own magic.

Interim Manager - Brand Manager - Marketingstrategie

“TNT is for brands with strong roots – only those who know the identity of their brand can grow sustainably.”

Birgit Thesenvitz is an expert in emotional brand marketing and employer branding. True to her motto, “empowering brands and companies”, she first devotes herself to the soul of a brand or a company. And this is the starting point of the entire process. In this way, creative marketing strategies and surprising, unconventional ideas for brands and companies that touch and empower people begin to emerge.


With power, emotions, dynamics, passion, courage and authenticity.
In short: TNT.

USP - brand core - Birgit Thesenvitz

Back to the roots

A unique identity is both the root and the driving force of relevance, differentiation and authenticity. It is these roots that must be uncovered in order to grow a strong brand.

USP - branding - TNT

On a journey of discovery

Like every human being, each brand and every company has an individual fingerprint. It’s something unique, not always obvious. The adventure of a brand starts right here.

Brand building - corporate identity brand marketing

Fire and passion

It’s about lighting the fire of your brand. This energy moves mountains, thrills customers and motivates employees as a sparking engine initiates a continuous flow.

brand identity - brand marketing - Birgit Thesenvitz


During the process, pressure, friction and change arise. These are the ingredients for an individual, honest and target group-relevant DNA story: a crystal clear, sharp profile of your brand.